sevastopol2Sevastopol – the city of federal significance in the west of Crimea. The most important tourist center on the peninsula, the second largest city of the Republic of Crimea (350,000 people). It is located 78 km from Simferopol, 75 km from Yalta, 1,500 km from Moscow. Sevastopol is a major trading port and the main military base for the Russian Black Sea Fleet, all this does not interfere with (and even to some extent helps) city have a huge hit with tourists. Year by year, here comes more and more visitors from all over Russia and other countries. Sevastopol – a bottomless pantry attractions, scenic spots, wild and well-equipped beaches.

Rest in Sevastopol. For every inhabitant of Sevastopol in the first place, it is a city of great valor. During its long history it has repeatedly become an arena for fierce battles, during which largely decided the fate of Russia. Attractions Sebastopol related to the Crimean and Great Patriotic War are known all over the country: Panorama “Defense of Sevastopol”, the memorial complex on Mount Sapun, and Malakhov Hill, 35th Coastal Battery. Just to see these legendary places in Sevastopol come annually tens of thousands of visitors. Educational tour of the city is required to complement a visit to the best resort areas of Sevastopol: villages Kacha, Lyubimovka, Uchkuevka, capes and Fiolent Hersonissos. In these wonderful places you expect a variety of picturesque beaches with clean sea water, a range of small hotels and entertainment. Rest in Sevastopol fraught with a lot of all pleasant: it’s the local restaurant with very decent sea food, and boat trips around the bay of Sevastopol inspection flagships of the Russian fleet, and active tours on bikes or quad bikes in the surrounding mountains, and, finally, just Live chat with the locals, which differ inexhaustible optimism and sincere love for the Fatherland.
Hersonissos TavricheskiyOtdyhat in Sevastopol is possible at any time of the year. In late autumn, winter and spring can be given a maximum time of excursions and trips to the city itself and in the Crimea. From mid-May to October, there is a steady sunny weather with temperatures of 25 – 30 degrees, at which time the guests are ready to accept the many beaches of Sevastopol and its surroundings (the sea in the area of ​​Crimea is unique in its color and transparency). The city has a developed infrastructure for living and recreation: the airport, railway station, numerous routes of intra and intercity public transport, a representative trading network, a variety of enterprises of public catering, entertainment centers. Sevastopol can safely recommend any age group: there are interesting activities for young people, families with children and respectable audience.